Balls of Fury

Ping-pong fanatic Master Feng (Christopher Walken) hosts an Enter the Dragon-esque style tournament for all the world's best players. Each eliminated contestant gets killed via blow-dart.

Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) enters the tournament to face Feng because Feng killed Randy's father (Robert Patrick) when Randy lost in the Olympics as a child ping-pong prodigy. In the final showdown, Randy and Feng face off on a bridge, strapped to electrified ping-pong suits that shocks the player that misses the point. Randy scores a point and the shocked Feng falls into the river below, electrocuted in the process. Randy escape with his mentor Master Wong (James Hong), Maggie (Maggie Q), and Agent Rodriquez (George Lopez) as the FBI storm the compound.

In the end, the whole crew revamps Master Wong's ping-pong school. Randy gives Master Wong another lucky cricket (to replace the one he killed earlier trying to snatch it out of Master Wong's hands) which Master Wong promptly kills by rough shaking (he thinks it's jewelry).

Thanks Joseph C!