The Hunting Party

Simon (Richard Gere), Duck (Terrence Howard) and Benjamin (Jesse Eisenberg) are about to get killed by the Srdjan (Goran Kostic), The Fox's right-hand man when the real CIA shoot him in the head. The Fox (Ljubomir Kerekes) runs for it but the CIA do not catch him. We find out that Boris (Mark Ivanir), the UN guy who has been helping them and mistook them for CIA men, has been shipped off to the deepest darkest part of Africa. The CIA are shipping the guys back to the US. If they return and try to find The Fox then the CIA will have to do something to them too.

When the guys get dropped off at hangar to continue their flight to the US they run for it to continue their search for The Fox. They decide that he can't have his 10 body guards with him while hunting as it would spook the prey. So while hunting they chase and corner The Fox at the river in the forest. Simon decides to drop The Fox off at the village of his late pregnant girlfriend's. (Simon snapped because he found his pregnant girlfriend shot in the stomach, pants down after one of The Fox's raids.) This village is one of the few places that Muslims decided to go back to after the war. They would know best what to do with him. When they toss The Fox out of the car his hands are tied behind his back. He starts to run out of the village once the villagers recognize him.

Thanks Ann-Marie 'Crappy' F!