Cinderella II
Dreams Come True

The movie is separated into three parts:
Aim To Please
Cinderella prepares for the banquet in her own way, breaking traditions by opening the curtains, inviting commoners, and making chocolate pudding in place of stewed prunes for dessert. When the king arrives, he is pleased with the changes when he sees a full moon outside, meets with an old friend, and he loves chocolate. Prudence and the duke get together and Cinderella is crowned a true princess

Tall Tail
Jaq begins to have second thoughts about his wish to be human after he unintentionally scares his old friends, including love interest Mary. At the Spring Festival, his fear of cats gets the better of him, setting off a chain reaction of events that leads to an elephant going out of control with the king and his duke. Jaq wishes to be a mouse again to set things right and scares the elephant, saving the king, and is reunited with his friends. Cinderella tells Jaq she can count on him at anytime.

An Uncommon Romance
Anastasia meets the town baker and it's love at first sight for both. Lady Tremaine forbids her to see him, but Cinderella helps Anastasia and the baker hook up by teacher her to follow her own heart. Anastasia buys a garland of flowers, but when she sees the baker talking to another girl while holding his own garland(he's actually asking her opinion on if Anastasia would love them), she runs off heartbroken. The baker's garland is stolen by a goat as he searches for Anastasia, leaving him only with a single flower. He finds Anastasia and she realizes that the flowers were meant for her all along. Tremaine and Drizella arrive to break the couple up, but Anastasia stands up to her mother, and she and the baker go to the ball together.

Meanwhile, the mice help Lucifer hook up with the castle cat Pom-Pom with he promises to stop chasing mice. But when the two cats do hook up, they work together to chase the mice. After water is dumped on her, an embarrassed Pom-Pom breaks up with Lucifer and leaves. 

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