Georgia Rule

Rachel (Lindsay Lohan) spreads around a lie that her stepfather molested her when she was 12 years old, which her mother, Lily (Felicity Huffman) hears and drives all the way up from California to Idaho. She later retracts her lie and says she was testing her mother to see if she would believe her. Georgia (Jane Fonda) believes that Rachel is actually telling the truth, and that her stepfather actually did molest her, but keeps it to herself. Rachel's stepfather comes up to Idaho to get Lily and is threatened by Georgia. Since Rachel said everything was a lie, Lily believes her and decides that she will stay with her husband.

Rachel visits her stepfather and tells him that as long as he keeps her mom happy, she'll stay quiet, but wants $10 million from him just in case he screws Lily over. We learn that she was telling the truth and the reason why she was acting up was b/c of the molestation as a child.

Lily heads back to California with her husband and he says he's leaving his expensive Ferrari for Rachel to keep if she wants. Lily realizes that's "hush money" and screams to get out of the car. Her husband says that Rachel seduced him and drives off. Rachel and Georgia catch up to Lily and they all make up. It's believed that Rachel gets together with the long hair guy, and Lily with the veteranarian (Dermott Mulroney).

Thanks, Pancho Villaaa!