Breaking Free

Cal (David Jensen), the owner of the horse Ghost, arrives at the camp the day that Rick (Jeremy London) saves the intentionally mute Billy (Adam Wylie) in the woods, when he went riding by himself during the night. The camp’s head Annie (Megan Gallagher) thanks Cal for donating the horse, but he reveals he didn’t donate it, and they realize that Rick stole it. Rick returns to the camp with Ghost and his love interest Lindsay (Gina Phillips) and is met by Annie, his juvenile hall officer Mac (Nicolas Surovy), and Cal. Cal takes Ghost, and Rick goes with Mac to his car, looking to be heading back to juvenile hall.

Ghost is almost killed by Cal due to being “lame,” but Rick- who got free of Mac -saves the horse, and Cal is forced to donate him to the camp in exchange for not having charges pressed against him for trying to fire at the horse while Rick was riding away on it. Later, when Rick proves that he was an effective equestrian coach for Lindsay and also got Billy to finally speak, Mac allows him to train Lindsay during the day and be her coach for the upcoming equestrian competition that they had been training for. However, he would be going back to juvenile hall when it was over. 

At the event, Lindsay willingly enters the part of the competition meant for experienced riders, and she falls off the horse during the brick wall jump. Though she is disqualified, the judges- on Rick’s insistence -allow her to complete the course again, so she could prove that blind people were capable of doing whatever they put their minds to. Lindsay makes the brick wall jump and receives a standing ovation from the crowd.

Rick refuses to join his juvenile hall friends in escaping to New York, and they end up getting arrested by Mac shortly afterwards. As Rick is leading Lindsay and Billy in a victory ring around the course, Mac stops him and tells him that he was smart for not going to New York with them, and he then learns from Annie that Cal’s underling Buster (Jesse Bennett) admitted to her that he allowed Rick to take the horse because he was worried about what Cal would do to it, and didn’t say anything because he was afraid he’d lose his job. Mac lets Rick resume his walk, and Annie tells Mac she would like to hire on Rick as a stable boy. They agree to discuss it over dinner together.

Thanks, Tornado Dragon!