A Terminator 2 rip-off starring two of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friends.

In the final battle between Abraxas (Jesse Ventura) and Secundus (Sven-Ole Thorsen) at an abandoned building, Abraxas kills Secundus by making his Answer Box test for the Anti-Life Equation near Secundus’ head, which causes his head to discorporate due to him not containing the equation.

Abraxas gets a message from Command through his Answer Box telling him that a travel warp was going to appear soon to take him to his next assignment, but he asks if he could stay on Earth and be Tommy’s (Francis Mitchell) protector, forfeiting his status as a Finder, but be allowed to keep his Answer Box. Both requests are granted to him.

As he, Tommy, and Sonia (Marjorie Bransfield) drive for home, Sonia tells Abraxas that she is glad he decided to stay, and Tommy says “Me too,” his very first words.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!