Teaching Mrs. Tingle

After Leigh Ann (Katie Holmes) finally gets intimate with Luke (Barry Watson) one night, he spurs her to change hers and Trudie’s (Liz Stauber) history grades in Mrs. Tingle’s (Helen Mirren) grade book, making hers an A+ and Trudie’s a B so she’ll graduate valedictorian and not Trudie. She brings the grade book to school the next day and her grade change initially works.

But, Mrs. Tingle gets free from the bed that day, knocks out Luke, and calls the school and tells them about the grade manipulation. When Leigh Ann learns of this from Ms. Banks (Molly Ringwald), she tries to get help from Jo Lynn (Marisa Coughlan) – who turned against her after Mrs. Tingle said some things to her about Leigh Ann – but she refuses to help her. Leigh Ann returns to Mrs. Tingle’s house to find Luke tied up and unconscious, and a short time later, Mrs. Tingle calls up Principal Potter (Michael McKean), telling him to come to her house, and then she confronts Leigh Ann with a crossbow. Jo Lynn soon shows up, and though she says she was going to side with Mrs. Tingle on the whole “cheat sheet” issue and expose Leigh Ann, she is only pretending, and turns on Mrs. Tingle.

Tingle and Leigh Ann fight, and when Tingle shoots off her crossbow at someone she thinks is Leigh Ann opening her front door, Trudie – who had come to Tingle’s house to protest her grade – falls through onto the floor. Principal Potter arrives a moment later, and Mrs. Tingle confesses to the crime and admits that she wanted Leigh Ann to fail her class. However, Trudie is alive and unharmed – her graduation book shielded her and she just fainted. Nonetheless, Principal Potter pleasurably fires Mrs. Tingle for her actions.

Leigh graduates valedictorian and gets the scholarship to Harvard.

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