The Maddening

A little-heard-of film starring Burt Reynolds and Angie Dickinson.

Little Samantha (Kayla Buglewicz) manages to escape from Jill (Candace Hutson), and is later found and saved by cops.  David finds Cassie (Mia Sara) tied up to a bed and procedes to release her, while Georgina (Angie Dickinson) stands by them, looking unbalanced and incoherent.

Then, in comes Roy (Burt Reynolds), holding a shotgun, and when it seems he will kill them two, he sees his father's spirit (William Hickey) again; he shoots at it, but instead Georgina is the one who ends up shot and killed.  David and Roy struggle, and then Cassie grabs the shotgun and kills Roy; he falls through the window, to his death.  He dies believing his father is laughing at him.  All this while the house burns.

The next morning, Cassie, David and Samantha are reunited; and we see Jill resentfully looking at them while holding Samantha's doll, which she then tosses into the bottom of the well, and it repeats fadingly: "I love you! I love you!", as the credits roll and the movie ends.

 Thanks Dr Mat!