A Japanese anthology film directed by Masaki Kobayashi.

The Black Hair.
A Samurai who abandons his wife to seek his fortune returns to ultimately discover she is a ghost.

The Woman of the Snow.
A woodcutter caught in a snow storm is spared by a beautiful spirit on the condition that he never tell the story. He later marries and eventually tells his wife who turns out to be... (See Lovers Vow from Tales from the Darkside for the grisly remake).

Hoichi the Earless.
A blind musician sings about a famous battle only to discover that his audience are the ghostly survivors. An attempt by priests to save him by writing sacred text on his body seems to work until it is discovered they forgot to write on his ears.

In a Cup of Tea.
A samurai drinks from a cup with a mysterious reflection of a man and soon finds himself in battle with ghosts.

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