The Rendering
aka Portrait of a Murder

Theodore Gray (Peter Outerbridge), the psycho who tried to kill Sarah (Shannen Doherty) at the beginning of the movie, is pulling the strings: he has framed Sarah's husband Michael by having a similar-looking criminal attack women working at the building where Michael works, and planting evidence in Michael's apartment. He forces Sarah to testify in his favor at his parole hearing, or he would kill Michael in jail. She testifies for him and he gets released. He tells Sarah that he got the idea when he saw a wedding photograph of Sarah and Michael in the newspaper.

Sarah is able to find a woman who helped Gray. Although the woman gets killed by Gray, Sarah finds her "life insurance", which is a confession video by the Michael-lookalike. Gray is arrested and Michael is released. Gray is able to escape and kidnaps Michael. She finds him, they fight and she kills him and Michael is rescued.

Thanks Tilman!