Alien vs Predator 2

As the number of survivors dwindled, they have a choice of going to the center of town where the government says there is going to be an evacuation or go to the hospital where there might be a helicopter.  Kelly (Reiko Aylesworth), a former soldier herself, deduces that the government will nuke the town since they cannot contain the infection.  Dallas (Steven Pasquale), his brother Ricky (Johnny Lewis), Ricky's crush Jesse (Kristen Hager), Kelly's daughter Molly (Ariel Gade) and Ricky's boss elect to go to the hospital.  Sheriff Morales (John Ortiz) and Darcy (Chelah Horsdal) choose to go the center of town.

Meanwhile the lone Predator sent to contain the mess goes to the hospital to kill more aliens around the same time the group is there.  Ricky's boss quickly bites it and Jesse is surprisingly killed accidentally when one of the Predator's bladed weapons crosses paths with her.  Ricky becomes enraged and tries to kill the Predator, but is wounded by an Alien instead.  After a few more close calls, Ricky, Molly, Kelly, and Dallas get in the helicopter and leave the town while the Predator stays behind to fight the main alien. 

Meanwhile in the center of the town, the government does bomb the town to save the nation, killing Morales, Darcy, and everyone else.  The Predator and the main alien are killed in the blast as well, fighting in their final seconds. 

The explosion causes the helicopter to crash.  The four survive and are surrounded by soldiers.  Dallas is pissed they nuked the town, but a soldier tells him they were just following orders and took no pleasure in murdering US citizens.  They give medical attention to Ricky and Kelly reassures her daughter that the monsters are gone.

Later, we are shown a government agent holding a briefcase with Predator technology recovered from Dallas.  A woman standing by notes the world is not ready for that technology.  The man replies, "Well, this technology isn't from this world is it, Ms. Yuntai?", alluding to the sinister Weyland-Yuntai corporation of previous films. 

Thanks Spectre!