Illegal Tender

The grudge that Javier Cordero (Gary Perez) has with Millie DeLeon (Wanda De Jesus) and her son Wilson DeLeon Jr. (Rick Gonzalez) in regards to  Millie's husband was never about money, it was personal.

It turns out that Javier had a 17 year old sister named Mora (Zulay Henao) who came to New York to go to New York University and make something of herself.  Javier left Wilson DeLeon Sr. (Manny Perez) in charge to watch over her.  Instead, he began a sexual affair with Mora...while Millie was pregnant with Wilson Jr.  Wilson apparently breaks it off out of guilt and his mother in law threatening to disappear with Millie and their son.  Mora, heart broken with losing him commits suicide with a bottle of pills, one month pregnant with his child.

Javier notes that he initially was just going to kill DeLeon Sr. and that would be all, but he felt empty over it.  He realized that DeLeon ruined the one person he ever loved.  That is why is he has tried to Wilson Jr. and his mother...they were who DeLeon Sr. care for most.

Javier reaches for a gun to kill Wilson Jr.  but Millie comes in and shoots him dead.  They try to escape but are stopped by Javier's men.  The second of command looks like he will kill them both, but tells them because they killed Javier he will be boss now.  He also notes that Javier died because he let his vengeance consume him, by not leaving Millie and her sons alone.  He lets them go to the airport to leave Puerto Rico.

While waiting for their filight, Millie asks Wilson if Javier told him why he wanted them dead for 20 years.  Wilson, not wanting to taint the image of her husband and believing she has suffered enough, tells her it was about money as she previously thought.  They return to Connecticut to reunite with Wilson's younger brother Randy and his girlfriend Ana (Diana Ramirez), finally free from the past.

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