Heavens Above
A sensitive but provocative religious satire

Reverend John Smallwood's (Peter Sellers) teachings of love and charity are already being undercut by the pettiness and greed of both rich people supporting his programs and poor folk who take advantage of his generosity when he condemns the very product (Tranquilax) made at the factory his parish's economy depends on as a false cure for the true ailments of mankind. The resultant publicity is a dreadful blow to the town, and poor Smallwood is ordered to leave by his church superiors (who are worried about their image); he's beset upon by a mob and winds up escaping in a garbage truck, hiding in the refuse.

He is reassigned to a space program training and launch facility, where he may do no more damage, and is counseling a nervous astronaut who is frustrated by the unwillingness of those who preach of God to fully live up to their faith. After the capsule is launched to orbit the earth, the radio transmissions from it, broadcast worldwide, reveal Smallwood is in it (he subdued the astronaut and took his concealing uniform), singing hymns.

Thanks Rori!