Sam (Larry Fessenden) is a drunk with self destructive behavior that is catching up with him.  His father has just died and he has broken up with his girlfriend Liza. 

He goes to a Halloween party hosted by his friends Nick and Rae where he meets the beautiful Anna. 

A few nights later he meets her at a festival where she bites his lip while they make out.   He wakes up alone in the park the next morning.  Sam has to fill in for Lenny at the restaurant he manages because Lenny has disappeared after being involved with a woman on a boat.   Images of a boat show up in this film that hint to the mystery of Anna. 

Sam sees Anna after the shift and they go out to eat.  Sam has a rare hamburger and Anna doesn't eat because she isn't hungry.  They go to Sam's place and Anna formally asks to be invited in.   They have sex and she bites him.  Anna comes to his place while he is chopping garlic and Anna says that the smell bothers her so they have dinner on the roof where they have sex instead and she bites him.  Once again Sam wakes up alone. 

Anna meets Sam after his father's funeral and they walk in Central Park where they are menaced by wolves, until Anna stops them by only raising her hand.  They have more sex and Anna bites him again. 

Thanksgiving is spent with Nick and Rae at a house on the beach.  Anna once again doesn't eat and Sam has trouble keeping his food down.  After dinner, Rae and Anna go for a walk.  Anna comes on to Rae and is just about to bite her neck, when Rae backs away.  Sam tells Nick that Anna has to be a vampire because she always bites him during sex, doesn't eat and is never seen in the daylight.  Nick tells Sam that he drinks too much.  Sam finds his cat dead and when he goes to see his old girlfriend she is dead too.  Sam freaks out, buys a lot of garlic and calls Nick.  When he answers the door, it is....ANNA!  Despite his bigger size she beats him up and tells him to taste her blood.  Sam jumps out a window while Anna tries to keep him in.   They both fall and hit the street below.  At first you see both bodies, but in the last shot, you realize that you can only see Sam's body. An independent vampire film.

The film ends with a shot of the mysterious boat.   

Thanks Don P!
(Back to Back Oscar Champ)