Wind Chill

No one in this movie is referred to by name.

A college guy (Ashton Holmes) has a crush on a fellow student (Emily Blunt) and through a bit of stalking arranges to drive her home for the holidays.

They get into an accident while trying to avoided hitting a phantom police car while lost on a deserted mountain road. Their car is stuck in a huge snow bank, it's snowing and very cold.

During the night they are terrorized by a policeman, several old monk type priests and various other ghosts. Half way throughout the night we learn that the guy driving the car has severe internal injuries from the crash. The girl climbs a phone pole and uses a phone that was in the guys car to contact 911. A snow plow comes and picks her up but her friend is now dead.

As the snowplow is driving her to safety the driver tells her about a policeman in the 1950's that used to kill people on that part of the road and the bodies were never found. In the late fifties the cop got into an accident and burned to death, the priests had known what the cop had done and watched him burn to death without helping him and as the cop burned to death he swore that he'd be back. In 1961 the priests were all found dead, frozen to death in their beds.

As the snow plow driver finishes the story he is also run off the road by the phantom police car and when he tries the help the policeman he is frozen to death by the ghost of the cop.

The girl screams and suddenly she is back in the car with her dead friend as if the snowplow driver had never come.

Her dead friend's ghost leads her through the woods to a gas station.  She is saved and her friend is taken away by the coroner.

Thanks Melissa S!