Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Tom and Jerry get put into Dr. Applecheek’s animal pound by Robyn’s cruel, money-grubbing guardian Aunt Figg when they try to bring news to Robyn that her father was still alive. They escape (along with all of the other animals trapped there) and get back to Figg’s house and get the news to her. Robyn decides to go look for him, so she escapes with Tom and Jerry along for the ride. Aunt Figg, wanting to get Robyn back because she couldn’t touch another penny of her trust fund if she was missing, decides to increase her chances by putting out a million dollar reward for her return.

Robyn eventually gets separated from Tom and Jerry and soon comes to be in the good graces of fairground operator Captain Kiddie. However, after he sees her picture on a milk carton, he restrains her on his Ferris wheel and telephones Aunt Figg. Figg and her lawyer Lickboot arrive, as well as Dr. Applecheek and his stray catchers since Applecheek overheard Figg’s telephone conversation with the Captain while he was at her house to complain to her about Tom and Jerry’s actions. Tom and Jerry save Robyn and together they escape on Captain Kiddie’s steamboat. After they lose all of their pursuers (except for Aunt Figg and Lickboot, but they don’t know it), Robyn notices that they were entering territory familiar to her, and she realizes that they were somewhere near Robyn’s Nest, her family’s cabin.

When they get there, they find Aunt Figg and Lickboot waiting for them. Robyn finally stands up to them, and when she does, an oil lamp gets accidentally knocked on the floor and the cabin is set on fire. Tom and Jerry help Robyn escape to the roof, and Aunt Figg, Lickboot, and her dog Ferdinand manage to get out the door and are sent packing on the steamboat courtesy of their own clumsiness. Mr. Starling – knowing his daughter would come there when he first heard that she ran away from Figg – arrives in a helicopter and rescues Robyn, but Tom and Jerry are still stuck on the roof. The cabin’s support beams eventually burn away, causing the cabin to collapse into the river. Robyn and her father get on the ground to go look for them, and soon they emerge from the water, alive and unharmed. Mr. Starling promises Robyn he’ll never leave her again, and Tom and Jerry are adopted by them.

Of course, once in their new home, the two resume their old shenanigans. 

Thanks Tornado Dragon!