Blank Check

While Preston (Brian Bonsall) is at the joint birthday party he is having at his mansion with his false “Macintosh” identity, the party planner Yvonne (Debbie Allen) comes up to him and tells him that Macintosh owes her $100,000 for everything. Preston finds out he only has around $340 left of the $1,000,000 after his six-day spending spree. Later on, when Yvonne demands to know when she was going to get paid, Preston informs the guests that Macintosh is gone and won’t be coming back. The party is shut down and everyone leaves.

Some time afterwards, Quigley (Miguel Ferrer), Juice (Tone Loc) & Biderman (Michael Lerner) arrive to get the money back, but Preston soon escapes them and leads them on a chase around the property. They manage to catch up with him, but before they can harm him, Shay (Karen Duffy) and other FBI agents show up. Biderman is informed that he is no longer the president of his bank, and when the FBI asks Preston about Macintosh, Quigley decides to take up the Macintosh identity, seeing as how Preston sort of set him up with everything he needed. After Biderman and Juice confirm that he is indeed Macintosh, Quigley is arrested for money laundering and other charges. Biderman and Juice are also arrested. Later on, when the dust has settled, Preston and Shay say their goodbyes, and even kiss, and after Preston says goodbye to the limo driver Henry (Rick Ducommun) he heads home with his father (James Rebhorn).

Preston enters his room to his family singing “Happy Birthday” and holding a cake, and when they ask him what he will wish for, he says he has everything he needs. However, he looks at Shay’s photo on his wall, and decides to wish for her to be his someday.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!