Two paramedics David Vaughn (Johnny Messner) and Victor (Jon Huertas) receive an emergency call from a young girl named Libby, at a remote gas station.

While trying to save her mother Deborah, they are abducted by members of a cult called the Quanta Group, composed by scientists, philosophers and mathematicians that foresee the end of the world after a meteor shower. Their leader "The Teacher" converts Vic to his cult, but David resists and escapes taking Libby with him.

The entire cult with the exception of Libby and her mother die in a mass suicide.

David returns home and has Libby move in with him and his pregnant wife. Libby's mother ends up in a mental institution.

One month after the mass suicide, just as the cult predicted, fire starts to fall from the sky and it is implied as David, his wife and Libby look up in horror that the earth will be destroyed.

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