Shakes the Clown

Binky (Tom Kenny) kidnaps Judy (Julie Brown) and takes her to the set of his kiddie show after accidentally revealing to her that he killed Shakes’ boss, Mr. Cheese (Paul Dooley).

Shakes (Bobcat Goldthwait) manages to find the rodeo clowns that were present at Cheese’s murder (they tried to run him off a cliff in his car some time after the murder, so he felt they knew something) and learns from them where Judy is being held. With Dink (Adam Sandler) and Stenchy’s (Blake Clark) help, he saves Judy before Binky can kill her on live TV, and Binky is subdued and later arrested.

Shakes reconciles with Judy, quits drinking, and replaces Binky as the host of the kiddie show. 

Thanks Tornado Dragon!