Zombie Strippers

In a dystopia future (where Bush has been elected to a fourth term, trampled on the constitution and is at war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, France, Canada, Pakistan and Alaska) there is a plan for meeting military recruiting goals by.....reanimating the dead!
No, really!

The experiment goes awry and Z squad goes to clean it up.  One member is infected, and once he becomes a zombie goes to a strip club.
No, really!

At the strip club run by Robert Englund, his best stripper (Jenna Jameson) is infected and becomes a zombie....and becomes the best stripper ever!  Englund is so sleazy that he doesn't want to lose his best stripper, so he lets her keep dancing.
No, really!

The other strippers become zombies and things get out of hand.   Z squad shows up to save the day and we learn the truth, the zombies were created to play the fear card and make money for the rich.
Yes, really!

Thanks Don P...No, really!