The Neverending Story 2

At the ruins of Silver City, Xayide (Clarissa Burt) implores Bastian (Jonathan Brandis) to make his last wish, so he wishes for her to have a heart. Bastian understood that the Emptiness would only cease to exist if he filled it with love. Xayide sheds a tear, and when it hits the ground, she and her minions are destroyed, saving Fantasia from the Emptiness, and Bastian regains all of his memories.

The Childlike Empress (Alexandra Johnes) comes to meet Bastian. She commends him on his wish, and tells him that true courage lies in the heart, not in symbols like the Auryn. If he found courage, he could go home. Then, a huge waterfall – his only way home – forms beneath him. With his father’s (John Wesley Shipp) encouragement in the real world, he finally faces his fear of heights and jumps into the raging waters.

Immediately after his father finishes the story, he hears a knock at the door, and he finds Bastian standing there. The two joyously hug, and the Auryn is restored to the book’s cover.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!