Balto II: Wolf Quest

Balto finally catches up with Aleu as she is being threatened by a bear, but the bear turns out to be another spirit. Looking into its eyes, Aleu learns of safety below and the two wolves escape. Below the mountain, they come across a band of wolves led by Nava who tells them that the caribou will not be returning and that they must follow them across the sea. Nava informs Balto that according to the prophecy set by the white wolf, the one to guide them will be "one who does not know who he is".

With winter approaching, Balto decides that he and Aleu must return home, but Aleu wishes to help the wolves. Neeju, a younger wolf who challenges Nava's leadership wants to steal food from other clans in order to survive. Balto witnesses a bridge of ice forming across the sea from chunks of an iceberg and realizes the meaning of his dreams. He leads the pack onto the flow, but Nava is too weak to follow. Aleu realizes that this is where she belongs and she joins the rest of the wolf pack to become their new leader. Neeju refuses to leave the land that has been his home for so long. Nava and Balto part ways as Nava goes to search for Neeju. The raven which originally led Balto to this place reveals its true form as the white wolf who in turn reveals herself as Balto's mother. She disappears and Balto begins the long journey home, having finally been able to let his daughter go.

Thanks Dwayne!