Don't Look for Me
(Such Mich Nicht)

Anna's (Lea Mornar) target is a former assassin who she kills after botching the initial attempt.  Anna then wants to leave the life of contract killing and maybe start one with Lino (Stipe Erceg) the hotel employee she has begun to get close to.  However, Anna's handler Lewin (Udo Schenk) tells her if she wants to leave the life she will have to kill Lino since he knows both Anna and Lewin. 

Anna goes to do it but cannot and leaves her gun to Lino warning him about Lewin.  Lewin comes to do the job himself and in a cat and mouse hunt between him and Lino, is killed by Lino with Anna's gun.  Anna tells him that she will take the blame for Lewin, telling him to go back inside. 

Anna then walks away from the building and Lino, knowing that the life she chose prevents her from ever having a close relationship with anyone.

Thanks Spectre!