The Apple

Alphie (George Gilmour) finally tracks down his girlfriend/musical collaborator Bibi (Catherine Mary Stewart) at a "wild" party in Mr. Boogalow's (Vladek Sheybal) Garden of Eden-esque loft. Despite being doped by a suspiciously green-colored beverage, Alphie rejects the advances of Pandi (Grace Kennedy) only to be crushed when he finds Bibi in the bed of Dandi (Alan Love). Being doped up herself, Bibi rejects Alphie and he abandons the cruel, cruel world of 1994 to hook up with a bunch of hippie hold-outs hiding out in a cave under the bridge. When Bibi sobers up, she escapes with the assistance of a reformed Pandi and joins Alphie in the cave of love for a stirring musical number and a surprisingly chaste embrace.

Some months later, Alphie, Bibi and baby makes three are out picnicking with the whole commune when they are surrounded by Mr. Boogalow and his BIM stormtroopers who demand the return of a still-under-contract Bibi. But Alphie knows that the heretofore-unmentioned Mr. Topps (Joss Ackland, who also plays the Hippie Leader in a powerful double role) will save them. And he does, descending from the clouds in a shiny automobile and a snappy white suit to lead Alphie, Bibi, Pandie and all the unwashed masses to a new life on a new world, a world where the services of Mr. Boogalow will no longer be required.   

Thanks Dusty!