The security robots have been following orders from a classified file stating that humans should never return to Earth. Being that the video is 700 years old, the captain (Jeff Garlin), orders Eve (Elissa Knight) to complete her directive by inserting the plant into the ship's navigator, which will automatically take it and the human race back home. With the help of Wall-E (Ben Burtt) and the other rogue robots, the plant is safely inserted and the security system is shut down.

As they arrive on Earth, the humans prepare to recolonize as Eve rebuilds a severely damaged Wall-E. When Wall-E goes back on line, he at first does not recognize Eve until she holds his hand, and the two stay together while the humans begin recolonization by planting the plant in the soil.

Thanks Herbert!
(Herbert adds: "My pooper is nowhere near as heartwarming as the movie itself, so I recommend all single readers to get out there and see this, it's FANTASTIC for your first date movie.")