Candyman 3: Day of the Dead

When Caroline (Donna D’Errico) visits Abuela (Lupe Ontiveros) after the Candyman (Tony Todd) abducts David (Nick Corri), Abuela informs her that evil cannot exist without good, and she must destroy the Candyman’s “good” – his paintings – if he is to perish.

Everything comes to a head at the abandoned warehouse with the Candyman’s visage on the main entrance. Despite the Candyman’s attempts to get her to walk with him in death, Caroline uses a meat hook obtained earlier and slashes up the portrait of him, causing him to be consumed by fire and explode. David is badly injured, but alive.

Soon after, the racist cop Kraft (Wade Williams) shows up, and looks to kill her with his own meat hook since he felt she was responsible for his dismissal from the force earlier on, after an incident where he pursued her and ended up threatening an innocent Latino with his gun. However, Detective Matthews (Ernie Hudson, Jr.), who followed him there, fatally shoots him. Kraft utters “Candyman” before dying, and Caroline – remembering her mother’s words to “destroy the myth” – uses this to pin all of the murders on him.

The movie ends with Caroline having a picnic at her mother’s grave on the Day of the Dead with David and his daughter Cristina (Nicole Contreras).

Thanks Tornado Dragon!