Animated short before Wall-E)
Presto the Magician amuses thousands every night on stage using his magician's top hat. It truly is a magical accessory, but only when used in conjunction with a pointy wizard's hat. His pet rabbit would wear the wizard's hat off-stage where the audience cannot see it. When Presto reaches through his top hat on stage, his hand magically appears coming out of the wizard's hat, grab the ears of the rabbit wearing the wizard's hat off-stage, and pull the rabbit from his Top Hat for all to see on stage.

Just before tonight's performance, Presto ticks off his rabbit one too many times, the final straw being not feeding his rabbit a tasty carrot that is just always out of reach. During the magic act, an ever-more angry Presto continues to attempt to grab the rabbit through the magic portal between the two hats, but the rabbit continues to evade his master in several amusing ways.

Eventually, the many ins and outs of the two hats leaves Presto hanging by his feet by a rope several stories above the stage. The crowd gasps. The rope gives, and Presto starts to fall, and it looks like his fate is sealed. But, the rabbit has a sudden change of heart and saves Presto using the wizard's hat. This allows Presto the Magician to land safely back onstage unharmed.

The audience roars with applause. Overcome by the reaction by the audience, the two make up, and Presto gives his pet rabbit the much-deserved carrot.

Thanks CorpsValues!