Who Killed Bambi

Yet another great french movie, that I expect to be remade in a US version

Student Nurse Isabelle (Sophie Quinton) is investigating why patients are waking up in ongoing operations, and has noticed that one of the used sedative bottles has *two* needle punctures, and of different sizes. She correctly suspects Surgeon Dr. Philipp (Laurent Lucas), who has stolen a fraction of the content and replaced it with water. He has used the sedatives to sexually abuse attractive patients, and has killed and taken away one of the patients. Isabelle tells her suspicions to her cousin, who is also a nurse at that hospital. When her cousin witnesses the doctor with a naked patient, she is killed by the doctor. He later abducts Isabelle in his car. When she attempts to escape, they have an accident in which the doctor is killed. A dream sequence shows Isabelle finding the two corpses in the woods, and being told by the doctor that she is dead. But Isabelle survives and she is rescued by the paramedics.

Thanks Tilman!