BATMAN: Gotham Knight

Have I Got A Story For You
Three kids recount stories of seeing Batman in action to another kid. Each sees Batman differently: one sees him as a living shadow, another as a man-bat, and another more as a robot. As the last kid wishes he was there to witness Batman in person, Batman crashes through the window fighting a man in black. The kid sees Batman for what he is, a man in a suit. The man in black is about to stab Batman when the kid knocks him out. Batman thanks him and leaves. The other kids crowd their friend as he says he has a story for them.

 Two detectives are transporting a prisoner as one talks about how he does not trust Batman. As they are driving back, they are caught between a gang shootout. Batman stops the mobsters and saves the other detective before she is shot. Batman tells them how Gordon has good judge of character in choosing them to lead his police unit and leaves.

Field Test
 Lucius Fox gives Batman an electro-magnetic field device that deflects bullets. One night, Batman stops another mob war between the same people in Crossfire while testing the device. One of the gangsters tries to shoot Batman which causes the bullet to deflect him, but it ends up hitting another gangster. Batman returns the device saying if a life will be put on the line in the name of justice, it will be his own, and no one elses.

In Darkness Dwells
A cardinal is kidnapped by a reptile creature according to reports. Batman suspects it is Scarecrow behind it and investigates in the sewers while keeping in contact with Gordon. Batman is attacked by Killer Croc and becomes infected with the fear toxin. Batman finds Scarecrow with a group that is about kill the Cardinal. Batman floods the chamber he is in and gets away with the Cardinal and hands him over to Gordon as he walks away injured.

Working Through Pain
Continuing from the last, Batman recounts how he trained in India about pain as he walks through the sewers with serious wounds. As Bruce Wayne, he tries to train to learn how to overcome pain. After most people refuse him, a woman, who is feared and shunned by people, trains him. She tries to teach him how to spiritually deal with pain. One night, a group of guys come to harass her. She tells Bruce not to do anything as she deals with it. After she is hurt, Bruce fights off the group. She makes him leave saying she failed to teach him and he must overcome pain on his own and use it to his advantage. As he roams through the sewers to get to Alfred, who is picking him up, he finds many guns that were tossed into the sewers by random criminals.

Continuing from the last, Batman discusses how though he does not use guns, he admires the qualities of them, ranging from precision to craftsmanship to power. An assassin is hired to kill Gordon in order to flush out Batman and kill him as well. After a failed attempt to kill Gordon, Batman and Deadshot fight as Batman gets the upper hand. Deadshot is sentenced to death for killing three other powerful people.

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