Paraiso Travel

Marlon (Aldemar Correa) and Reina (Angelica Blandon) are separated after making it to New York from Medellin, Colombia.  After many odd jobs to support himself as he looks for Reina, Marlon gets involved with a street vendor/singer Milagros (Ana de la Reguera) and ends up staying with her family for a few days.  Marlon locates Reina living in Atlanta, Georgia and leaves Milagros to find her much to the dismay of Milagros, who tells him never to come back if he leaves.

Marlon finds Reina's alcoholic mother in a trailer park in Atlanta caring for Reina's newborn child.  Reina's mother takes Marlon to the street corner where Reina is working as a prostitute.  Marlon realizes Reina never loved him like he loved her and leaves her at the trailer park with her mother and newborn.  Marlon returns to New York and the final scene is Marlon ringing Milagros doorbell.

Thanks JT!