The Air I Breathe

The ending of each individual, separately told story goes like this:
Happiness (Forrest Whitaker) is shot down and killed by the police on a rooftop after his bank robbery attempt, but not before he throws the bag of money over the side of the building.

Fingers (Andy Garcia) kills Pleasure (Brendan Fraser) after he finds out about his relationship with Trista (Sarah Michelle Gellar). After Trista tries to escape she ultimately lands in the hospital, where she finds out she's pregnant, but Fingers tries to force her to have an abortion so she can still make her tour dates.

Love (Kevin Bacon) is determined to find help for Gina (Julie Delpy), after she's bitten by a highly venomous snake she was handling during a medical experiment, only to find out she  needs a blood transfusion and has an extremely rare blood type that can't be found in the blood bank.

The individual stories become connected like this:
Love finds out that Trista has the same rare blood type as Gina after he sees her mention it in an interview, so he tries to track her down to ask for her help. He ends up saving Trista's life when she tries to commit suicide after she's told she can't keep her baby. She donates blood and saves Gina's life. Love gives Trista his car and helps her escape from Fingers.

The bag of money thrown by Happiness lands the car Trista is driving, giving her enough money for she and her baby to start a new life.

Thanks Sam!