Fright Night: Part II

Regine (Julie Carmen) brings Charlie (William Ragsdale) to her apartment building just as he is on the verge of turning, and Alex (Traci Lind) and Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) get some vampire-killing supplies and go after her. They are caught by her and her henchmen, and Alex is brought before Charlie for him to bite, but he fights off his bloodlust when she professes her love for him.

The trio kill Regine’s henchmen, but Regine escapes in an elevator, trying to reach her coffin a few floors down since the sun was beginning to rise. The trio jam the elevator, and Charlie & Alex go down to her coffin and make a cross out of communion wafers in it so she can’t use it. Regine soon gets free and eventually tries to again seduce Charlie into becoming a vampire, but Peter – at the top of the elevator shaft – takes a big mirror shard and with it reflects sunlight from a nearby window down the shaft onto Regine, setting her ablaze, and she falls into her coffin where the wafers finish her off. Her death reverts Charlie back to normal.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!