Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

King Raj (Naveen Andrews) catches Jai (Ramon Tikaram) being cradled by Maya (Indira Varma) in her room following a brutal wrestling match they had, and he sentences Jai to execution. Tara (Sarita Choudhury) tries to commit suicide, since she is being blamed for not being able to produce an heir for Raj (even though he is truly to blame, due to his debauched lifestyle), but Maya saves her, and they become friends again. Maya uses her Kama Sutra teachings to mark Tara’s body so Raj will be excited, and in return Tara assists Maya in sneaking out of the palace so she can see Jai in the Valley of Stones, where he is doing slave labor before his execution. That night, Tara uses her marks to seduce and then shame Raj, and she tells him she doesn’t love him.

Maya gets to the Valley of Stones, and there she and Jai perform their own marriage ceremony. The next day, Maya goes to Raj and begs for him to spare Jai, even offering never to see Jai again if he did, but he ignores her. Jai is executed via an elephant stomping on him, and Maya decides to leave the kingdom for good. As she departs, the Shah’s troops arrive to remove Raj from power, due to his constantly pursuing pleasure and neglecting his duties.

Maya is last shown wandering down a dusty road, heading to an unknown destination.

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