Babylon A.D.

In a post apocalypse future with very tight borders, Vin Diesel is a mercenary stranded in Eastern Europe.  He is contracted to deliver a woman named Aurora accompanied by a nun (Michelle Yeoh) to New York. 

Aurora is a medical experiment created for a religion headed up by Charlotte Rampling.  Though Aurora is a virgin, she is pregnant with twins that have "super powers" and will make Rampling's religion the dominant religion on Earth.

Diesel gets them to New York but declines to turn Aurora over to the religion.  During a gun battle, Yeoh and Diesel are killed.  Diesel is then "resurrected" by Aurora's "Father" to gain information to find Aurora.  Rampling kills the Father but Diesel rescues Aurora.

In the closing scene Diesel is taking care of the children.  

Thanks Don P!