Teague (Nick Zano) and his fraternity cronies abuse Kevin (Drake Bell), Morris (Kevin Covais) and Carter (Andrew Caldwell) all weekend, inadvertently causing Morris to lose his scholarship due to them getting him overly drunk twice, the second time causing him to puke on the dean's car. On top of that, Teague reveals they are high school seniors, making them social pariah and torpedoing the guys chances with their girls,  Kendall (Haley Bennett), Heather (Camille Mina), and Amy (Nathalie Walker).

After Teague hazes them again, the trio implode. Carter calls out Kevin for having to prove to his ex he isn't boring and lying to Kendall. Kevin in turn tells Morris he's spineless by not standing up to his parents. With everyone mad at each other, Kevin goes to Kendall and apologizes to her. She accepts his apology, and explains that Teague is harassing her since she slept with him and then he told the whole campus and she rightfully got angry.

Kevin reconciles with his friends and they decide to get revenge on the Beta Phi's. They cause a chain reaction of sabotage and other pranks that will insure the Beta Phi's reputation is ruined (especially Teague) and they will be expelled and/or arrested. Carter finds out Amy is in high school like him and they have sex anyway. Morris stumbles over his words with Heather and she responds up by hooking up with him on the front lawn of the sorority house. Kevin decides to go to Fieldmont and asks Kendall to be his girlfriend and she accepts.

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