Ed (Brian Poseley), Henry (Jake Muxworthy) and Phil (Rider Strong) head down to Mexico to party before they go their separate ways for college. Ed falls in love with bartender Valeria (Martha Higareda) and reveals to Henry that he's not going to college. After a night of partying, Phil walks off on his own and is kidnapped by a cult.

Ed and Henry go to the local police station, but the cops do not help them. Luis (Roberto Sosa) is an ex-cop that is after the cult for their numerous killings over the years, including his partner. While spying on the cult's ranch, he sees that Santillan (Beto Cuevas), the leader, has returned. Luis also realizes that Phil is being kept at the ranch.

The cult members start to stalk Ed, Henry, and Valeria. Henry is shot in the neck when he confronts them, but survives. While at the hospital, Luis informs them where Phil is. Henry decides to go back home, but is ambushed at his hotel and hacked to death with machetes by the cult. Ed, Valeria, and Luis arm themselves and go to the ranch to save Phil.

By the time they get there, Phil has been brutally tortured and murdered in a ritual by Santillan. Luis finds Santillan after the ceremony and attacks him. They both shoot each other, and Santillan dies. Ed, Valeria, and Luis shoot their way out of the ranch to escape. They stop at a house to get help for Luis, but he dies of his wounds. Randall (Sean Astin) and a group of cult members follow them and invade the house. Ed and Valeria manage to kill all of them, with Ed murdering the last cultist in cold-blood.

End text states that the authorites found the ranch and discovered kilos of uncut cocaine, cauldrons of human hair, and over fifty dead bodies. Ed and Valeria were apprehended and questioned by the police after trying to cross the Rio Grande. Several cult members are still at large and the case remains open to this day.

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