Civic Duty

Terry Allen (Peter Krause), an accountant bored with his life and his own personality drowns himself in media coverage of terrorism fear to the point of obsessing over a new neighbor of middle-eastern heritage, Gabe (Khaled Abol Naga). His obsession costs him his job, deteriorates his marriage and puts him at odds with FBI agent Tom Hilary (Richard Schiff) whom he initially contacted to expose his neighbor.

As his world crumbles around him, Terry abducts Gabe at gunpoint to have him confess of terrorist activities. When agent Hilary and the police try to bring Terry to his senses, an altercation ends up with Terry fatally shooting his wife by accident. The film ends with Terry in a mental institution, where while sitting in a bright-light room he watches as a golf tournament on TV turn into a news report on the very terrorist activities he had suspected Gabe of. As Terry approaches the TV and watches the coverage, the TV's reflection in his eyes show that he is actually still watching the golf tournament. When he switches off the TV in disgust, the room has become bleak and dark, demonstrating that he'd rather live in his paranoid mind to justify himself than face what he has become and done.

Thanks Fleetwood!