Repo: The Genetic Opera

Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino) is the one responsible for the death of Marni Wallace (Sarah Power) because she left him to marry Nathan Wallace (Anthony Stewart Head) by poisoning a cure Nathan was working on to cure Marni's blood disease. Rotti then blackmales Nathan to be a "Genetic Repo Man" for his company GeneCo otherwise his daughter Shilo Wallace (Alexa Vega) would learn Nathan was responsible for Marni's death

Upon learning that he has a terminal illness Rotti decides who will inherit Geneco. Not wanting to leave to the company to any of his three spoiled children: The drug addicted Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton), The surgery addicted Pavi Largo (Nivek Ogre) and the murderous Luigi Largo (Bill Moesly) decided to leave the company to Shilo Wallace.

Rotti lures Shilo to the "Genetic Opera" to witness Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman)'s final performance who herself is in debt to GeneCo due to her high tech eyes that Rotti supplied to her as long as she continued to perform at the Genetic Opera. Promising to cure the illness Shilo inherited from her mother, she decides to go. Rotti bribes Shilo with the cure only if she kills the Repo man, unknowing that he is actually her father Nathan. Nathan arrives at Geneco to unwillingly(due to the fact that she was Marni's best friend before her death and also Shilo's god mother) reposes Mags eyes. Nathan is lured into a trap where Shilo is awating to attack and murder him. Shilo attacks him but then finds that the Repo man is her father. Upon learning of Rotti's deception Nathan storms to the Opera Theatre to kill Rotti on stage. Meanwhile Rotti has killed Blind Mag after she gouges her own eyes out on stage in protest. Nathan shows up on stage to kill Rotti with Shilo close behind. Rotti gives Shilo a choice, murder her own father and be cured and also entire the entire GeneCo company and Rotti fortune. But Rotti eventually shoots Nathan anyway moments before dying himself due to his illness. As Nathan dies he and Shilo eventually make up deciding that through all their hiccups they were all each other had. Shilo leaves the theatre an orphan and refusing Rotti's inheritance.

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