At the Eunice Laboratory, Doc (Raphael Sbarge) gets a supposed anti-virus from Dr. Tiptree (Diane Ladd), and after escaping the Tyrannosaurus in the lower levels of the lab, he heads back to the quarry to give it to Thrush (Jennifer Runyon), who is dying from the virus. The Tyrannosaurus gets loose, however, and follows a dinosaur migration route that leads straight to the quarry. Dr. Tiptree, who injected herself with the virus as well, gives birth to a dinosaur a short time later and dies.

Soon after Doc gives Thrush the anti-virus, the Tyrannosaurus arrives. They attack it with two of the quarry’s skid loaders, and Doc kills it by tearing up its stomach with the teeth on the front of his loader.

Shortly afterwards, U.S. Mobile Infantry Unit 67 calls Doc’s radio looking for survivors. Doc tells them to come to the quarry to help them, unaware that the army is killing all of the town’s civilians, infected or not, to stop the virus from spreading. Thrush dies from the virus (the anti-virus, it is soon revealed, was just an explosive liquid), Doc is killed by the soldiers upon their arrival, and their bodies are burned.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!