Jungle 2 Jungle

Despite their attempt to run away, Richard's (Martin Short) family is captured by Jovanovic and his Russain thugs.  After taking back the coffee bean certificates, Jovanovic ties Richard down and threatens to cut off his fingers.  Just before he is able to do so, Michael (Tim Allen) and Mimi-Siku (Sam Huntington) appear out of hidding and drop the tarantula on Jovanovic's head, incapacitating him and allowing Richard's family to get the drop on the thugs. 

Mimi-Siku, upset that he can't be with Karen (Leelee Sobieski), and that he was unable to get the fire from the Statue of Liberty's torch, asks to go home to the jungle.  Before getting on the plane, Michael gives him a gift that he wants him to open on the plane, as well as something extra: a lighter shaped like the Statue of Liberty, allowing him to complete his task.  The gift turns out to be a satelitte phone that allows Michael and Mimi-Siku to keep in contact, and gets used for the first time when Michael surprisingly shows up in the jungle to see the son that he has grown to love, Karen and her family in tow.

Thanks Nick!