Gran Torino
(2008)Short version:
Clint Eastwood is shot and killed by the Asian Gang.

Long version:
Clint Eastwood's is a racist, miserable korean war vet who just lost his wife, who befriends the Asian family that lives next door after protecting the son from a gang.  The gang retaliates, eventually raping the daughter, and almost killing the son in a drive-by.  Eastwood locks up the son in his basement to prevent him from getting his revenge, and to keep his innonence and future intact.  He then goes to the gang's house, and makes it seem like he's going to shoot them, but reaches for his lighter inside his coat pocket.  The gang, thinking Eastwood is reaching for a gun, shoots and kills him.  This was done so that there would be witnesses to his murder, and the gang is put in jail.  

Movie ends with Eastwood's will being read out to his 2 sons and family, but in a shock, he leaves his precious car, the Grand Torino, to the Asian family's son, his new friend.

Thanks Eric!