Dead Set
(2008 UK TV-Movie)

It's eviction night on the wildly popular Big Brother UK set as an unexplained zombie outbreak engulfs the world. The live audience is attacked and about the only safe people are the remaining players on Big Brother, the arrogant producer of the show, the recently evicted houseguest and Kelly (a crew member) who escape from the zombies onto the set.

In the end the producer decides to use a van and make a break for it but instead accidently lets all of the zombies in, killing everyone except Kelly and one cast member. Kelly congratulates the one remaining cast member for being the last one standing, therefore winning Big Brother. Kelly is locked in the diary room and asks the just bitten winner to unlock the diary room door and she is attacked (off camera).

The final shot is of Kelly, as a zombie, staring into the camera as it is being broadcast.

Very popular host Davina (as herself) is killed and makes a wonderfully scary zombie!

Thanks Ryan!