The Might Ducks

Gordon (Emilio Estevez) loses his job at the law firm over a border dispute with the Hawks. His boss Mr. Ducksworth (Josef Summer) was a friend of a father of a kid playing for the Hawks who lived in the Ducks’ district, and the father didn’t want his son to play for the Ducks (the kid joined the Ducks anyway, since he just wanted to play regardless of what team he was on).

The third period of the championship game ends with the Ducks and Hawks tied 4-4, and the Ducks are given a penalty shot. Gordon selects Charlie (Joshua Jackson) to do it, and he scores the winning goal by correctly doing the shot that Gordon failed to do correctly back in 1974. The Ducks become the new state peewee hockey champions and end the Hawks’ long winning streak. 

The movie last shows Gordon getting on a bus to go to a minor league hockey try-out, with the Ducks encouraging him, and he promises he’ll return to coach them next season.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!