What Just Happend

A Hollywood producer named Ben (Robert De Niro) has two weeks to salvage a pair of troubled movies that he's working on.

Ben is able to convince temperamental director Jeremy Brunell (Michael Wincott) to change the controversial ending to his film 'Fiercely'. The new, happier ending meets with approval from both Ben and the executives at the studio, so they go ahead with plans to debut it at the Cannes Film Festival. Also, Ben is finally able toconvince Bruce Willis (playing himself) to shave off his scraggly beard, thus saving the production he was set to star in.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Jeremy surprises everyone by screening a version of 'Fiercely' that contains an ending which is even more violent and disturbing than the original. The stunned audience reacts with some applause, but mostly booing.

Fed up with the picture they were delivered, the studio executives leave Cannes
without Ben, stranding him at the airport.

When he makes it back to Hollywood, Ben is placed on the far edge of the Vanity Fair 'powerful producers' photograph, symbolizing his loss of standing in the business.

Thanks Rick!