A loose retelling of the tale of Beowulf

Canaan 'The Outlander' (James Caviezel) a man from a space faring civilisation crash lands on earth in approx 700AD in the land of the Vikings and is captured by them, in the crash a monster called a Morwen escapes from the ship and starts taking chunks out of the locals. Lot's of "is it Raiders" , "Is it a bear", "Is it Nasty King Gunner (Ron Perlman)" until they realise that the 'Outlander' is telling the truth that it's a 'Dragon' according to their mythology.

Significant plot points:

The film consists of lots of Viking behaviour / male bonding and battles, which are excellent.

Canaan and his now friendly Vikings track the Morwen and its offspring to it's lair. ( the offspring is not explained in the film, as there was supposed to be only one). They kill the young/smaller one. All are killed in the process except Canaan, Wulfric and Freya.

The adult Morwen mortally wounds Wufric the new king, Canaan fights the Morwen and the kills it by chopping it's arm off as its hanging over a cliff clutching on ( Grendel anyone?) and it falls into a waterfall abyss.

Wulfric gives Canaan the symbol of Kingship and tells him to be a good King but Canaan gives it to Freya telling here there's something he has to do, she thinks he is not coming back, he then returns to the homing beacon he set of in the beginning and destroys it just as a spaceship appears to take him back (Freya has followed him and sees this).

Last Scene (voice over below):
The Vikings including Canaan, Freya and Eric are standing on the cliff top preparing a Viking funeral for Hrothgar ( John Hurt) and Wulfric. The ship sails and Canaan looses the arrow that starts the fire.

Voice Over (Freya):
"In the year of four kings, Hrothgar and Wulfric were laid to rest, heroes in the war against the Morwen.

And Canaan once a stranger to us, became King, he took for himself a wife, and a boy who became as his own son.

But only I knew his secret, that the gods had sent us Canaan , but when it became time to return to them, he chose us instead."

Thanks Pete!