In the middle of the desert, in a hole in the wall bar, a few local drunks and bar employees are sitting, when a man bursts thru the door and announces that he and his wife just hit a monster with their car and it's headed this way. The man is labeled as hero #1 (Eric Dane), as he is explaining to the patrons how he is going to save their butts he is murdered but a monster who yanks his head off threw a window.

His wife Heroine #1 (Navi Rawat) comes running into the bar and finds the bloody smears of what used to be her hubby on the floor. The monsters are very horny, fast troll looking beasts who seem to wear animal pelts. Through out the night the bar patrons come up with several schemes to try to save themselves, but are not doing well. There is no phone reception to call for help.

Most of the bars patrons are killed by the monsters, including some famous cameos from Coach (Henry Rollins), Edgy Cat (Jason Mewes), and Beer Guy (Judah Friedlander), to name a few. At the end only four manage to escape. Honey Pie (Jenny Wade) the waitress, manages to make it to the beer truck but instead of driving it up to the bar to save the people inside she simply drives away and leaves them all behind. Tuffy aka Heroine #2 (Krista Allen), Hot Wheels (Josh Zuckerman) and his brother (Balthazar Getty) all live to see sunrise and drive away in a camaro to pick up deceased Heroine #1's daughter from her grandma's house as Heroine #2 promised she would.

Thanks Melissa!