Babysitter Wanted

Short Version:
Tina is babysitting the son of Satan and his parents feed him a steady diet of teenage female virgins.

Long Version:
Tina, an 18 year old college student, moves to a new town. The family she is sitting for has a young son named Sam. He's very shy, never takes off his cowboy costume and on a "special diet". On Tina's first night baby sitting she gets several strange phone calls (heavy breather), someone is outside the house rattling the door knobs so Tina calls the police who agree to stop by while they do their rounds that night.

Sam wakes up and all he says is "hungry", it turns out that Sam's "special diet" is raw cubed red meat and buttermilk. After Sam eats dinner, he hides from Tina. Tina, who is overwhelmed with the strange kid, the rattling door knobs and strange phone calls, calls her new boyfriend to come over, luckily he was already on his way, but while he is speaking to Tina we see headlights behind him and a car honking, he pulls over. Suddenly a scarred man, dressed in black bursts thru the front door and Tina hides. Tina fights off the man in black as he tries to strangle Sam while saying "evil". Just as Tina knocks out the man in black and saves Sam, Sam's parents walk in. We soon realize that the man on the ground is a priest, and the cowboy hat has fallen off Sam's head showing HORNS on his head. Sam's dad cuts the priests throat and knocks out Tina. Tina wakes up in the barn as Sam's dad is butchering another teen female. The man explains that Sam is the son of Satan and he only eats fresh innocent females. Since Sam's parents had to kill several people that night they will have to move and they need to butcher the teen they just kidnapped as well as Tina so Sam had food for the trip.

Just as Tina is about to be killed the cop finally shows up and after a couple questions to Sam's parents he leaves, but he sees Tina's car and calls in the plates. Tina finds a knife while the cop is occupying the parents and cuts herself free. When the father returns she stabs him, he chases her and finally catches her and drags her back to the barn. The cop returns and fights with Sam's mom while Tina fights the dad. The cop and Tina manage to kill both parents. As they get into the truck to leave the Devil Boy shows up and slits the cops throat and chases Tina. Tina strings the boy up in the barn and the cops show up. Tina wakes up in the hospital, her boyfriend is still alive, he was only knocked out.

Sam is missing and the cops found over 20 dead female bodies at the Devil Boy's farm. In the end we see that Devil boy has a new "mom" in a new town and they are posting a new "babysitter wanted" sign. We also see Tina and her boyfriend go to the Farmhouse to retrieve the dead priests "sacred knife" implying they intend to hunt down and kill devil boy.

Thanks Melissa!