Killings on the set of a low budget movie may be connected to an unsolved murder from the '50s.

Dark Reel

Harris (Emmanuel Xuereb), the head of production for the movie studio, is the son of Scarlett May and is responsible for the killings. He went mad after finding a reel of film that showed the studio's Chief Executive, Connor Pritchett, (Lance Henriksen) killing his mother in 1958. He originally wanted to ruin Pritchett's latest movie, however Pritchett killed himself after being visited by Scarlett's ghost. Pritchett's death led to Harris taking over the studio, so he used the killings as a way to drum up interest in the film.

After confessing his plan to Adam (Edward Furlong), Harris is momentarily distracted by his mother's ghost. Adams tries to get away but Harris catches up to him. Just as he's about to shoot Adam, Cassie (Tiffany Shepis) stabs Harris in the throat with a pair of scissors.

On the night of the film's premiere, Scarlett's ghost appears to Adam and Cassie as they watch the movie.

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