A Cold War comedy.

The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!

A russian submarine runs aground when it comes to close to the shore off Gloucester Island, Massachusetts, because "the captain wanted to get close enough to see what america looked like". He sends 9 men led by Lt Rozanov (Alan Arkin) ashore to commandeer a vessel large enough to pull the submarine off the sandbar. They land along the shore by the home rented by Walt Whittaker (Carl Reiner). Various townspeople sight the Russians, leading to general mayhem. Retired military man Fendell Hawkins (Paul Ford) organizes a militia. Police chief Mattocks (Brian Keith) does not believe that there really are any Russians on the island.

Following a plan from Whittaker, the russians gain possession of a large luxury yacht. However, the remaining crew managed to free the submarine on their own. The submarine enters the harbor just as the militia is marching in. The submarine captain is sure they have captured his 9 men, and refuses to believe they left the harbor in a yacht. He threatens to destroy the town with his artillery if the 9 men are not immediately returned to him. There is a tense standoff between the two sides.

Some small boys could not see through the crowd. They climbed up the church steeple to see what was going on. One boy falls off the steeple. His belt catches on a bracket, and he is hanging far up in the air. They have no ladder tall enough to reach him. The russian crew all make a human ladder, and a russian sailor rescues the boy. Just as the russians are being hailed as heroes, Fendell Hawkins returns with news that he has reached the military, and military aircraft are on the way to destroy the sub. The townspeople are determined to save the sub and crew. They form a flotilla of small boats to escort the sub back to deep water, so the military can not shoot at the sub.

In one subplot, russian sailor Alexei and babysitter Allison are falling in love as he holds her hostage. However, Alexei returns to the sub and does not stay with Allison.

Thanks Joseph C!