After Dark Horrorfest, Vol. 3
Dying Breed

Short version:
Cannibals Kill all but Nina who they use for breeding.

Longer Version:
Four friends go into the wildness to seek the extinct Tasmanian tiger. Nina, Matt, Jack and Becca. They end up at a dirty hotel/bar in the middle of nowhere. The locals all seem a bit inbred and there is a young female child. Nina's sister was found dead in the area 8 years earlier, she drowned.

The entire area was once, long ago used as a penitentiary. We learn the story of "The Pieman" (aka Alexander Pearce) who was hanged for cannibalism in 1824. Against all odds, Pearce escaped from the most feared penal settlement of the British Empire - Sarah Island - and disappeared into the impenetrable forests of Western Tasmania.

Seven convicts escaped with him, yet Pearce was the only one that emerged... along with chunks of human flesh in his pockets. The locals are 5th generation descendants of this man but the gene pool has gotten a little shallow. We discover that the young girl with the locals was Nina's sister's daughter. The locals had held her captive and used her for breeding. She jumped off a bridge and died just after giving birth.

Nina, Matt, Jack and Becca go into the wilderness to try to photograph the tiger. On their first night Becca is murdered and eaten by a local. While the other three search for Becca, the young girl, who had followed Nina, shows up claiming that Nina's sister is her Mother. Other locals show up and take the young girl away. One of the locals agrees to help them find Becca. Becca's boyfriend Jack finds her hanging from a tree outside a shack. Jack steps on a bear trap which crushes his leg and when he falls to the ground another bear trap closes on his head. Matt and Nina run but Nina is cornered on a bridge by two locals. The locals tell her that they used her sister for breeding and imply they will use her too. She jumps off the bridge.

Her boyfriend Matt goes back to the hotel/bar and the cops show up; he reports the deaths of his friends and sips coffee. The cops leave but as Matt tries to leave he realizes the coffee was drugged and he is paralyzed. The locals drag him inside and seat him on a chair. A door opens and we see Nina tied to a table. Matt hears the locals "using her for breeding" but he can't move. The little girl walks in, sits on Matt's lap, exposes her jagged sharp teeth and starts eating his face.

Thanks Melissa S!